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ISIF Asia founding award winners at the awards ceremony at the IGF Nairobi, Kenya. 2011.
Left to right: Ou Virak, Meenakshi Guatham, Lemi Soarez and Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui.

ISIF Asia is accepting nominations for the 2015 Awards 2015 until 30 June

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The ISIF Asia Awards seek to acknowledge the important contributions ICT innovators have made with creative solutions to the social and economic development of the Asia Pacific region. The ISIF Asia Awards are granted to initiatives on the last stages of implementation or that have finalized activities already that are aligned with the funding categories and eligibility criteria. Financial support for up to AUD 3,000 is allocated via a competitive process, plus a travel grant to attend the awards ceremony at a regional or global event chosen by the ISIF Asia secretariat. Innovation and a development focus must be an integral part of all award nominations. The funding categories are:

  • Innovation on access provision: Technical solutions offering low cost connectivity and access to information services that require broadband connectivity. Technical solutions to improve power consumption for network infrastructure. Quality of access for people with disabilities.
  • Innovation on learning and localization: Technical solutions that facilitate learning processes using Internet technology. Local language preservation efforts using Internet technologies. Localized tools and services to improve content delivery for training and educational purposes.
  • Code for the common good: Mobile-based services, applications and software solutions to support community development.
  • Rights: Strategic use of Internet tools and services to promote freedom of expression, freedom of association, privacy, security, consumers’ rights, gender equality, new forms of intellectual property in the digital environment, and a wider range of issues related to the Internet and human rights.

An additional AUD 1000, the Community Choice Award, will be given to the award winner that receives the higher number of votes from the community. 

For more images about the awards ceremonies, please visit: ISIF Flickr Photo Pool.