2010 Grant Recipients

Grant recipients 2010
2010 grant recipients at the APNIC offices with ISIF Asia project officer.

The 2010 ISIF program received 207 submissions from 25 different economies. A rigorous selection process based on a strict set of selection criteria was followed by the selection committee, to finally define 8 projects from: Australia (to be deployed in Timor-Leste), Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The successful projects showcase innovation, cooperation, and technical knowledge, and have the potential to create social change in their communities in areas such as IT infrastructure, health, or multilingualism. The projects also reflect current issues in technical and social discussion, including relevant issues such as exploring the opportunity for developing economies to get ahead in the IPv6 challenge and the deployment of wireless networks to serve isolated communities with cheaper and more accessible communication services. The 2010 grant recipients are listed below, as well as their final technical report documenting their project activities:

  1. Bac Ha International University - Vietnam
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Efficient and reliable GPS wireless Ad Hoc sensor networks for marine monitoring, searching, and rescuing applications.

  2. Druknet – Bhutan
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Towards world’s first ready-IPv6 country.

  3. E-Network Research and Development (ENRD) – Nepal
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Empowering mountain communities: Localized support kit and training for community wireless networksSurge reportTraining report.

  4. Garhwal Community Development and Welfare Society (GCDWS) – India
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Interactive, structured, multi-modal clinical guidelines to improve quality of care by Rural Healthcare providers.

  5. National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering (NIFNE) - Sri Lanka
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Mobile portal for fisheries community services.

  6. Rowetel, Australia/Timor-Leste
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report:Dili Village Telco.

  7. Servelots Infotech Pvt Ltd - India
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Accessibility for the Print-impaired (ALipi).

  8. University of Colombo School of Computing - Sri Lanka
    COMPLETED. Summary | Technical report: Virtual IPv6 application test bed | Article

Final technical reports of all ISIF Asia supported projects are available on the reports section of this website.

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